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2015 AHS Visionary Awards (The Alternative Hair International Visionary Award)

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

入圍前衛造型組 Hair stylist:方呈哲(Gino)



Topic: Awaken

The inspiration is from all the experiences which I have been through -- the things I have seen, heard of, smelled, and touched. To show it to all of you, I recalled all the memories I have had and every message I have got. I chewed them again and again, and deeply felt them with my heart and soul. Eventually, I came out with this piece of work,which is an instinct beyond any words or languages. It is like nothing concrete, but it is actually something solid there. My piece of work is trying to express "Life, itself, is a puzzle." -- you don't see through it, but it naturally displays strong vitalities.

Hair stylist:方呈哲(Gino) Photographer: 郭堯中(NKWO) Make-up: 張凱堤(Chantel) Stylist: 簡國彥(Bob)

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